di Clara Amodeo

Unfortunately, there is no official map of Milan Urban Art. However, there are several maps that, thanks to the goodwill of individual Urban Art lovers, make it possible to get to know the main spots in the city and to create a do-it-yourself tour, to give visibility to institutional projects or through user-generated content. Here they are!

Street Art Map Me

Art Map Me is the first map of Urban Art in Milan, created by a fan of this art form, and is open to anyone who wants to populate it with photos and descriptions.

Map of the 100 Free Walls

The map of the 100 free walls shows all the spots that have been granted by the City of Milan (with a special deliberation in 2015) to anyone who wants to paint in 71 city locations.

Street Art Cities Map

Street Art Cities is the largest street art community in the world. Its ‘maps’ section shows maps of several cities all over the world, including Milan (where you can upload photos and also learn about the Urban Art Tours available).