di Alberto Faleschini

Born in 2014 from an idea developed during the Walter Tobagi School of Journalism in Milan, over time Another Scratch In The Wall became first a blog and then a website of journalistic communication focused on Urban Art, with a particular interest in Street Art and Graffiti. Then, in 2018, Another Scratch In The Wall became a cultural association and in 2019 an ACU (Association for Urban Creativity) of the national awareness-raising campaign promoted by the Ministry of Youth and INWARD, Do the Writing!

News from Italy and abroad, interviews with international artists, events reviews, photos and reports from all over the world: Another Scratch In The Wall is now a website for Urban Art enthusiasts that still wants to address a wide audience to give an image as up-to-date (and faithful) as possible of the reality in which Urban Art is immersed today. Contended, as always, between legality and illegality, between gallery and street, between one crew and another, between innovation and old school.

But not only that. For some years now, Another Scratch In The Wall project has also been involved in Urban Art Tours and Urban Art Workshops in Milan: themed walks to learn about the cities we live in thanks to the stories their walls tell us, but also workshops to learn the art technique of spray can, lessons for schools of all levels and cultural centers and happy hours with artists.

Clara Amodeo

Born in 1989, I graduated in Cultural Heritage and Art History and Criticism at the University of Milan. After attending Milan Walter Tobagi School of Journalism, I became a professional journalist in 2017. I love travelling and writing about Street Art and Graffiti, which is why I gave birth to Scratch and another cultural association (Grafite HB).

Miriana Cappella

Trying to keep alive my inner child, I look at the world with the clear and curious gaze, following in the footsteps of Bruno Munari: ‘Keeping the spirit of childhood inside you throughout your life means keeping the curiosity to know, the pleasure to understand, the desire to communicate’. I love art, travelling in gypsy style and telling anecdotes. Did you know, for example, that as a child I wanted to be an explorer or a monkey?

Lorenzo Todaro

Graduated in Historical Sciences and specialised in Event Management. In love with Milan and its beauty to be discovered in every corner of the city, from the Duomo to the most hidden works of Street Art.

Camilla Castellani

Pavese by birth and commuter by vocation. I made a devilish pact with Trenitalia, but thanks to Beelzebub, Street Art and graffiti have become one of my greatest passions. I love writing and wandering. “Regeneration” is one of my favourite words.

Raffaella Carillo

Curatrice d’arte contemporanea, nata e cresciuta a Milano, ma trasferita a Brighton da ormai più di due anni. Dell’arte di strada amo la prepotenza, la vitalità e la capacità di fare davvero la differenza per le persone che la vivono. Sono fermamente convinta che l’arte sia sempre una forma di relazione e non si può pretendere che le persone vadano dall’arte se l’arte, per prima, non va dalle persone. Per questo ho appena lanciato il magazine online www.metropoliscontemporary.com e voglio aprire una semiseria galleria che accolga tutti, ma proprio a tutti tutti.

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