“Street messages”, Nicholas Ganz’s fifth book

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The latest work by Nicholas Ganz, German graffiti artist and photographer, is finally arrived in Italy.

In the context of renewed Artkademy, and together with calligraffitists Ivan and Piger, on November 21 the artist presented “Street messages”, during an evening of lectures and video projections. So after the famous “Graffiti World” (2004) and “Graffiti Women” (2006), Nicholas is now at his third work: published by Dokument Press, “Street messages” presents, after a brief historical introduction to the world of graffiti, messages, political messages and poems of 80 artists from all over the world, divided by “Street messages”, “political slogans” and “street poems”.

The author himself talks about his job in that interview, made by me with Alessio Chiodi.

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