How Artcurial considers graffiti? Worthy of an auction, as ancient drawings and jewelry

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If Artcurial too, the prestigious French auction house with offices all around Europe, is back to sell lots of street art, it means that for the detractors of this controversial art form there is no more game.

On February 4, from 7 pm to the seat of Artcurial Paris (7 rond-point des Champs-Élysées) the annual sale of the Department of Urban Art is going to appear on the scene, entirely dedicated to the great exponents of world street art. In this 9th edition in 7 years (the first was in 2008), the auction will include about 200 lots, divided into 2 main sections: the first graffiti and the urban art scene. The historical section includes the first steps of the writing movement in New York, including Seen, Futura, Ramellzee and the legendary Dondi White‘s “Dark continent of Kings”, 1983, for which the estimated price is between 25.000 and 35.000 Euros, equal to 33.000-46.000 Dollars. The section focused on contemporary urban scene will then presents a selection of works by important French and international artists such as JR, Shepard Fairey, DRAN (whose paintings are now at the exhibition “Inside” in the Palais de Tokyo), and Conor Harrington. For the first time Artcurial will propose a KAWS work, the artist today represented by the Perrotin gallery but with a lot of followers in the United States and Asia: it is “Control”, whic price is estimated between 120.000 and 150.000 Euros, equal to 160.000-210.000 Dollars. For those who will not be able to buy the pieces there will however be the catalog of works for auction: this year is expected an exclusive edition, accompanied by an original print. For fans and collectors it will be a true hunting, because the exemplaries available are only 30, but it is worth it: this year will be the DMV crew, with Bom.K, Brusk and Gris1 to create the work.

But as the street art teaches, its true nature is not being closed in a museum, so the week before the sale the Artcurial Department of Urban Art Art will organize series of events, book presentations, performances and editorial publications centered on the public exhibition of works for sale. Among the shows there are live performances, which allow the public to get in touch with these key artists. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, January 31 from 2 pm
Bom.K – Brusk – Gris1 (members of the DMV and the Da Mental Vaporz) will create a job in six hands on canvas in the style of cadavres exquis corpse or excellent.
Sunday, February 1 from 2 pm
Alex – Brok – Hopare will work a work in six hands.
Monday February 2 from pm
Sonic will create a work. The American artist, a key figure in American street art, is best known for his pieces on the subway cars in New York: his work is built around writing and images inspired by designers like psychedelic Vaughn Bodē.

And if you will buy street art, you will also make pure charity: three lots for sale will in fact be auctioned in favor of the two charity organizations, the Foundation Abbé Pierre and the French Red Cross. The project will be available thanks to the collaboration with the Perrier brand that, in 2014, launched the project “Street Art by Perrier” asking artists JonOne, Sasu and Kobra to customize respectively the famous glass bottle, PET bottle and Perrier Slim Can: to celebrate the launch of this limited edition, those three artists will replicate their Perrier works on the famous Renault R5, a generation car. The three cars will then be auctioned with a starting price of 5.000-6.600 Dollars.

Dondi White, Dark continent of Kings, 1983 - -® Artcurial
DRAN, Barbie Boys, 2009 - -® Artcurial
J.R., 28 millimetres Women are heroes, Eye on bricks - -® Artcurial
KAWS, Control, 2013, acrilico su tela su pannello di legno, 152,4 x 195,6 x 2,5 cm
Vhils, Compro Logo Existo # 9, 2008, poster e resina, 207x126 cm

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